Extras and Prizes

National Service Scheme (NSS)

Students opting for the NSS are initiated into a variety of community services. They are required to opt for one of the projects taken up by the college.

Apart from the regular project work of 6 hours per week, students are required to attend at least one camp during the holidays. Lodging, boarding and travel for these camps are made available to the participants.


The College awards prizes at the annual function to the students for their excellent performance in different fields. The prizes are of three categories.

  • Academic Excellence
    Students standing first and second in order of merit in the College in different courses of study will get these prizes provided they secure atleast 50% marks in the aggregate. Any student who distinguishes himself/herself in the University, will be given a special award.
  • Extra Curricular Activities
    The College holds inter-class competition in different disciplines as detailed under.
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