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Library is functional from Monday to Friday having more than 68,000 books, various journals, National Newspapers and Study Materials for the benefit of students and teachers.

Students are enrolled as members of the Library, on filling up the application form available at the Library Counter. Membership is to be renewed every year. Four tickets are issued to a student.

Books are issued to the students from 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Generally Books are issued for a period of Fourteen days.

Student must satisfy himself/herself about the condition of the book before receiving it. He/She will be held responsible for damage or mutilation noticed at the time of return.

In case of loss of books or tickets, the matter has to be reported to the Librarian immediately, who will advise further action in the matter. Books lost are to be replaced within a maximum period of 60 working days.

No personal bags and books will be allowed to be taken by the students in the Library. These should be kept at the property counter at the gate of the Library. The Students are advised not to keep their valuables like Mobile, Purse etc. in the bags.


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