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The College has a well-stocked library having over Sixty Eight thousand books and regular subscription of international and national journals; magazines and daily newspapers. College Library is fully Air conditioned. The library has a seating capacity for students of 50 and a separate teacher reading room with 15 seating capacity. The library is automated using Integrated Library Management System ‘SOUL’ (Software for University Library) developed by INFLIBNET. Currently library is using SOUL 3.0 Version. The library provides access to database of 98000 e-books and approximately 10000 e-journals through NLIST subscription. In addition to the NLIST facility the users can utilize the e-resources accessible through DULS (Delhi University Library System). The library follows the Dewey Decimal System of classification.  Kiosk OPAC has been installed in the Library. Wi-Fi facility is also available for students and teachers. Previous Questions papers and syllabus are also available in the Library. The Library also has facilities for visually challenged (VH) users like Book Reader Scanner.

College Library: Working Hours

The Library remains open on all working days except (Sunday (s), Saturday (s) and other gazetted holidays).


Membership is granted to all the students of the college for one year only. Membership is to be renewed every year. Four tickets (Library cards) are issued to a student.

Privileges of Members

The College Library issues 4 library cards to every student after becoming a member of the Library and books are issued to students for fourteen days.

Overdue Charges

Overdue charges of Rs. 1/- per day shall be charged in case the book (s) is not returned on the due date. Overdue charges are collected through ‘Conscience Box’ method and no receipt is given to the students for it. The said Box always remains locked and its key is kept with the Account Officer. When the said Box is filled with money, it is opened by a Committee and all the money is deposited in the account of the College.

Loss of Library Membership Card / Books

The loss of books/ card is immediately be reported in writing to the librarian.

The Library ensure that the members replace the book/s within 15 days of the date of loss of book’s reported. In case of loss of a book which is out of print the user must deposit the book cost of the book along with Rs 35 binding cost.

For each loss of a Library card, the student has to deposit Rs.25/- in lieu of the lost Library card and for this he/ she to sign in the “Loss Card Register”. The duplicate library card is issued for the lost Library card in the next year.

Discipline and Decorum in the Library

  1. The user/members have to maintain perfect silence in the library reading halls. Talking loudly, gossiping, chatting, etc. is strictly prohibited.
  2. Running, pushing, passing gestures, and teasing etc is strictly prohibited.
  3. Eatables and soft drinks are not allowed in the library.
  4. Use of mobile phone is prohibited in the library. Mobile phones should be kept under silent mode in the library.
  5. Marking, underlining, doodling or defacing any Books, Newspapers, Magazines, etc. of the library is prohibited.
  6. Carrying any book, published material, or any property of the library outside the library without proper issue or authorization is deemed as gross indiscipline.
  7. Defacing, damaging and mishandling the property of the library is be deemed as gross indiscipline.
  8. No personal bags and books are allowed to be taken by the students in the Library. These have to be kept at the property counter at the gate of the Library.

The Students are advised not to keep their valuables like Mobile, Purse etc. in the bags.

N-List Membership For Teachers & Students (For free E-Books & E-Journals)